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Did You Know Most House Roofs Need Fresh Paint Every 5 Years?

Roof Painting Clubview (Centurion, Pretoria, Gauteng) –  Our teams are on standby! Whatever your roofing requirements, we can help. Our services are excellent and our pricing is extremely competitive. Getting a quote from us is quick, simple and there’s no obligation.

Our Roof Services:
  • Roof painting (dak verf dienste)
  • Tile roof coating (dak teels behandeling)
  • Roof repairs (dak herstelwerk)
  • Roof leak repairs (dak lek herstelwerk)
  • Flat roof leak repairs (plat dak lek herstelwerk)
  • Roof replacements (dak vervangings)
  • Roof inspections (dak inspeksies)
  • Roofing & waterproofing
  • High-pressure cleaning of roofs
  • Gutter cleaning, repairs, and installations (Geut skoonmaak, herstel en instalering)
  • Waterproofing of all types of roofs (daklek waterdigting)